AE Trade and Healthcare

AE Trade is a compagny dedicated to the import and distibution of medical appliances. Today technological applications,  innovations and development are inseparably connected with Healthcare. We as AE Trade are very aware of it. We do not only want to deliver state of the art products, but also be sure the products are well used and maintained. We select our dealers who have training, support and service  in their company DNA.

Dealer service

Order your products in the Dealer Area. Easy, simple and straightforward. You can see the order and track status of your orders. Your products will be delivered within a few days.

Professional Solutions

AE Trade provides support to our dealers to maintain the highest level of service to their customers. Our webbased ordersystem offers a versatile and easy acces order platform for our distributers.

Company Profile

AE stands for Asia and Europe. AE Trade imports and distributes equipment from Healthcare manufacturers, mainly located in Asia . Our selected dealers in Europe are dedicated resellers with quality, accountability and customer relastionship as key objectives.